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Who We Are ?

A leading pioneer in plastic processing machinery manufacturing.

” Our Approach to solve your Problem “

Our R&D center is always on the move. A team of five Sinior Engineers and Fourteen seasoned technicians are 24 X 7 putting its efforts to innovate and upgrade to technology to get the maximum output with a quality at its best . The market records have proven that we are top position in india if you talk about a number of machines made and supplied by a single production house under one roof .In true sense our products are indigeneous.

With a 20-year legacy, we have supplied 1000+ extrusion machines nationwide, covering 10 states. Our machines are trusted for their reliability, precision, affordability, and ease of maintenance, making us the preferred choice for established businesses and startups alike.

Brand Promise

At Nilam Industries, we deliver on our commitments and strive to outperform in the market. We take pride in offering excellent after-sales support, resolving machine issues within 48 hours of notification.

Our Vision

We strive to innovate and prioritize client satisfaction, upholding ethical standards in the plastic processing manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

Our aim is to produce high-quality products at competitive prices while promoting environmental technologies. With unwavering integrity, we prioritize customer satisfaction, providing exceptional service at all times.

Our Products

Our excellent quality product line of machines is uniform and accurate of water discharge and it is rasistant to any chemical. All our products are produced with a high quality virgin material and it has no enviromental effect. We have unique designs and high durability of products.

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