Inovative Technology

Experts in creating machines for pipe manufacturing.

Flat Drip Pipe Line,HDPE Pipe Line,Round Drip Pipe Line and Two Stage Pelletizing Line .

Brand Promise

At Nilam Industries, we deliver on our commitments and strive to outperform in the market. We take pride in offering excellent after-sales support, resolving machine issues within 48 hours of notification.

Our Seciality

The market records have proven that we are top position in india if you talk about a number of machines made and supplied by a single production house under one roof .In true sense our products are indigeneous.

Our Company

Nilam Industries is one of the best Organization you will find in the madhya pradesh Region for handling drip irrigation system.We are the serving as the manufacturer of all the drip irrigation best quality equipment .

About Us

Innovative Solution for Deep Irrigations Machines.

” Our Approach to solve your Problem “

Nilam industries in committed to provide a high quality after sales services to meet the costumer satisfaction .A sense of true commmitment coupled with professional zeal drives our technicians to reach and ecstasy in putting there excellence in the machines, Strong support and prompt service are the significiant goals as Nilam Industries.

There are countless reasons to choose from our range of machine across the country .

Our Clients


Our approach begins with strategic planning, ensuring that our design aligns with content. We prioritize organized research, idea-sharing, and critical areas like brand strategy and design updates.


Rather than chasing trends, we adopt a timeless visual approach. Our emphasis is on harmonizing content and form. We prioritize project assessment, technical research, visual experimentation, design refinement, and iterative processes for delivering high-quality outcomes.


User-centric manufacturing is our priority. We prioritize product planning, technical research, prototyping, testing, review, and deployment, tailored to meet customer needs.

Our Process

We hold the belief that our efforts have the potential to contribute positively towards a better world.

Why Choose Us

Our Core Values for Industry Leadership.

Our R&D center is always on the move. A team of five Sinior Engineers and Fourteen seasoned technicians are 24 X 7 putting its efforts to innovate and upgrade to technology to get the maximum output with a quality at its best .

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Mr. Yogesh Sharma

CEO of Nilam Industries

Our Products

Our excellent quality product line of machines is uniform and accurate of water discharge and it is rasistant to any chemical. All our products are produced with a high quality virgin material and it has no enviromental effect. We have unique designs and high durability of products.

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Nilam Industries Office
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Build trust with our Hard Work

Our Vision

We strive to innovate and prioritize client satisfaction, upholding ethical standards in the plastic processing manufacturing industry.

Our Misson

Our aim is to produce high-quality products at competitive prices while promoting environmental technologies. With unwavering integrity, we prioritize customer satisfaction, providing exceptional service at all times.


Frequently Asked Question.

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    We Makes

    Different types of pipe making machines.

    Different types of pipe making machines.